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Almost everyone, says Barbara Weniger, enjoys a cookie now and then.

She’s right. And that simple idea has made Lakota Bakery in Arlington Heights a success. Weniger is celebrating her 25th year in business this summer, and the bakery’s popularity is not in question.

Cookie lovers continue to file in faced with a happy conundrum: which kind should they buy?

Lakota Bakery on America’s Test Kitchen!

Lakota Bakery was thrilled to be featured on a recent episode of America’s Test Kitchen, the very popular PBS cooking show.  Our florentine cookie was the subject of the segment and we are so happy that the bakery was showcased and recognized for having fabulous cookies!  Thank you, America’s Test Kitchen!  To watch clink the link below:

Flourless Florentines!

Our famous florentines are now flour less!  There was only a bit of flour in the standard recipe,  and so I tried simply removing it and the cookies are just as delicious as always.  Lakota Bakery has a number of cookies that are flourless, all of our macaroon cookies are, but florentines are so popular that I wanted to offer them to those with a gluten intolerance, especially my niece Meghan, who loves them.  For people who can eat all kinds of cookies, you won’t notice any difference.  Enjoy!

Read about Lakota Bakery

Be sure to pick up the current edition of The Improper Bostonian to see a story  highlighting Lakota Bakery and what great gifts our cookies make.

Also in the current edition of Cook’s Illustrated magazine there is an article about Florentine cookies and the role Lakota Bakery played in helping the author perfect her recipe for Florentines.

Thanksgiving Pies!

At Lakota Bakery we only make one kind of pie for Thanksgiving and it is a Fudge Pecan pie and it is yummy!  It was invented by my sister and I spent today making almost 50 of them.  Come by the bakery and get one for your Thanksgiving holiday.